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  • auto clutch facing manufacturer china

    Clutch Facing

    Our clutch facings materials include non-asbestos clutch facing and asbestos clutch facing, for non-...

  • non-asbestos auto clutch facing

    Non-asbestos Clutch Facing

    Due to the fact that global markets are requiring more non-asbestos clutch facing materials, the clutch facing...

  • asbestos clutch facing china

    Asbestos Clutch Facing

    Our factory still have two asbestos clutch facings quality available, in order to satisfy our customers’ req...

  • clutch button manufacturer china

    Dry Clutch

    Dry clutch in our factory including ceramic clutch button and racing disc, both these two products are ceramic...




Founded in the year 1992, our factory is one of the oldest friction material manufacturer in China, our primary business starts from 1000 square meters workshop, the products were mainly clutch buttons and clutch facing products.

In 1999, we moved to the new 4,000 square meters workshop, with the quick development of our clutch facing business, we were certified the quality authentication of ISO9001 in year 2000, and in 2008, our new 24,000 square meters workshop was finished, we became one professional manufacturer of clutch facing and clutch button in China. Our current friction products production is around 100 tons per month, products includes all kinds of products like clutch facings, clutch button, friction disc, clutch disc, brake pads. 

The Fricwel brand was created with the purpose to combine all our friction materials lines. We welcome our customers to visit our factory for friction materials business. To learn more about our products linesl, please visit the online brochure or E-mail us for the latest catalouge.