Quality Control

Quality Guarantee:
We have one year quality guarantee for our products, since the date of delivery from our factory.

ISO Certificate:
Our company was certified the quality authentication of ISO9001 in year 2000.

We have 3 quality control staff that will strictly control the products quality for every batch of production. Each production product willbe marked with different batch No. according to our customers requirements, and 100% products will be inspected before shipment.

Test Equipments:
We have the ability to test both dry clutch and wet clutch friction products in our factory.

Friction and Wear property:
Constant speed test machine, XD-MSM, is able to inspect the friction coefficient and wearing rate for each production.

Bend test: Mechanical property test machines, is able to test the bend strength of the clutch facing.

Hardness: Brinell Hardness test machine, is able to test the BHN hardness of the product surface, and control the property of each batch.