Organic Woven Resin

The organic woven friction materials we currently produced including Aramid Fiber, High Copper, Coumpounded yarn, Covering Yarn, Strong Twisting Fiber, Glass Fiber, Asbestos quality.

More than 95% of clutch facing materials we produced are non-asbestos material due to the environment requirements. Our High copper, Aramid fiber and covering yarn friction material mainly sold in Europe, and black strong twisting quality mainly in North and South America, for Akebonoglass fiber and asbestos quality mainly sold in South-east Asia.

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Ceramic Copper

Copper clutch button is our regular ceramic friction materials product, our formula and techniques originates from the overseas, we have several different formula that could be suitable for different markets and various standard requirements. Our main copper button formula as follows:

Smooth finish clutch button---Also called our # 1 formula, it has regular ceramic copper clutch button finish, with steady wear / friction property, and excellent fade performance, suitable for various requirements, it is popular among our North American customers.

Our low wear clutch button formula---#2 formula, has rough finish and is comparable to the US made products, and is good enough to replace the OEM products, it is sold well in the South American markets.

We can also develop proper formula to meet special formula to meet our customers' requiements from different areas. 

Ceramic Iron

The ceramic iron formula is also called our #3 ceramic friction material formula, it was developed with the assistance of our overseas partner, the clutch button formula follows the overseas mateiral percentage which originally made by Miba, it is currently supplied mainly to our OE customers, and it is also sold to the US and South America aftermarkets. The ceramic iron formula clutch button has an outstanding high termperature resist property which regular copper button cannot compare with, its working temperature can reach more than 600 Centi degree, the fade property at 350 centi degree is still excellent.

On the other hand, the cost is lower than regular copper formula clutch button, making this clutch button becoming more and more popular among our customers.

Paper Base

The paper friction material is another important friction product in our plant, which is excellent quality and relatitively low cost, comparing with copper clutch ring facing, its cost can be reduced 30% lower or even more. The main friction materials in our paper facing is paper, Aramid fiber and glass fiber, it has an satisfying property and are popular among our customers.

Reports show the wear and friction in this paper formula is excellent, and the paper facing mainly applied in the wet clutch for excavators, and other heavy duty machineries.

Graphite Carbon

Graphite Carbon friction products we developed with the same idea of paper facing, due to the fact that carbon has a low cost and graphite is considered as one most important wear resisting material, our carbon friction product contains most carbon material, and silicon, and other friction elements, it has very near property as our paper facings and is also considered one suitable friction material in the market.