Brake Lining for Heavy Duty Vehicles

Our brake lining material including all kinds of regular mateiral such as non-asbestos, semi-metal, NAO formula, we also developed new finish brake lining by adding different material element, and we have green, red,Khaki and black particle material that making our products more popular in the market.

For the production of brake lining, we follow the national standard GB12676-99 Technical specification, our regular production procedure as  follows:Powder  weighing - powder mixing - cold pressing- hot pressing - heat treatment - cutting - grinding sides area - chamfering - grinding inside arc- drilling- painting - mark and lot number. printing- inspection-packing.

We also have a strict QC system, and according to the new specification GB 5763-2018 National Specification for Automotive brake lining products, our inspection report as below:

1) Friction efficient: 100℃-250℃: 0.405-0.445 300℃: 0.382

2) Wearing rate:   100℃-250℃: 0.105-0.242 300℃: 0.233

3) Hardness:      61-66HRM

We also follow the standard to make sure our product can afford the required impact strength, which is usually between 3.12-3.8DJ/cm2.

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